Around Chianti

From Florence to Siena discovering Tuscan art, culture and gastronomy

foto 1 Chianti is a region of hills and valleys, situated between Florence and Siena and is a wide stretch of cultivated land of olive groves, vineyards and woods, dotted with ancient parish churches, farmhouses and villages. It is renowned all over the world for its wines. The Chianti hills wind alongside the Arno valley from Florence to Siena in the direction of Arezzo and form a natural boundary of the region. In ancient times the area was inhabitated by the Etruscans who already produced the famous wine. foto 2 The name of Chianti probably orignated from the Latin "Clangor" or from the names of certain Etruscan families who lived in the area. In Roman times the region was partially abandoned and had its definite political and economic settlement at the beginning of the Feudal Age. The first conflicts between Florence and Siena date back to this period. After the Unification of Italy, the area underwent the control of Sienese province. The village represents the most common type of urbanized area in the Chianti region. All the villages were small and built on hillsides. The parish churches represented the cohesive point of the communities and often the names of the villages originated from the name of the patron saint of the village.

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